Spreadable Media Campaign (Pt. IV)


The third of my spreadable media artefacts makes reference to the releasing of the Drake‘s video “Hotline bling” which was trending topic for days because of the dancing of the rapper. There are hundreds of parodies in Youtube and I wanted to do my joke too.


In my case, I tried to add a local component by using a Manchester’s famous statue, dedicated to James Joule in the Town Hall. The figure represents the physicist while he’s thinking about thermodynamic…But from this point of view, he really looks like managing a mobile phone!

Because of Manchester is a city where people come and leave often, It’s very touristic, especially the Town Hall.

c3adndice (1).jpg

A statue of James Joule in the Manchester Town Hall, 2005 Copyright  © Kaihsu Tai


Drake’s video is on 216,184,600 visits to date (15th December). Google Trends show us a peak on October the 25th, date in which the video was released; this trend is geographically located between English-speaking
countries. After October’s peak, the trend starts falling to moderated levels.

Figure 1 – Hotline Bling breakdown of views

Drake parody.JPG

Figure 2 – Drake + Parody breakdown of  views

In Figure 2, we can see a similar curvature between both trends which shows that both trends have had a similar process, registering peaks on the same date and decreasing in the same proportion.

Nevertheless, Youtube statistics shows a stable quantity of daily views, increasing this December possibly due to the Christmas campaign for the album launch.   YOutube

Figure 3 – Hotline Bling breakdown of Youtube views

Meanwhile, Manchester Town Hall’s activity has an established status on the internet. It is not surprising that this trend is mainly focused in the United Kingdom.

Town Hall

Figure 3 – Manchester Town Hall breakdown of views

Opposite to the other two memes, my meme has a demarcated target, which is people who already know Manchester’s Town Hall and knows Drake’s song. Internet trends changed from one day to another; the idea for this meme is creating a volatile workpiece that could take advantage of the trend to get some activity around it.


The meme was published on November the 6th on Twitter under the hashtag #Drake, #Hotlinebling. Due to the low activity, I decided to repost it doing a better use of the hashtags and, in addition, screening the response in my new accounts in Tumblr, Pinterest and Instagram. I must emphasise that the trend had fallen a 90% from its peak in October to the end of November. That means I have a more limited possible audience.

By the day of releasing the meme, this was the status on these environments:

  • Twitter: 83 Followers
  • Pinterest: 2 Followers
  • Instagram: 23 Followers
  • Tumblr: 0 Followers


The first trial to spread my meme was awful, with absolutely no activity in the Social Networks. However, the second trial has been better:

  • Twitter: The first of the statistics shows the results of the meme on its own while the second one shows the results as part of this blog. 216 view, 10 interactions and 8,8% interaction rate (Interaction/Views)twit 1twi2
  • Instagram: 23 Likes
  • Insta
  • Tumblr: 0 interactions.
  • rtretgretertret.JPG


After Pro Tools meme experience, I’m not surprised that this artefact had had a better response in Instagram than any other social network. I think it is because of Instagram is focused in pictures; Instagram is an app exclusively for uploading pictures via Mobile phone, so Mobile phones gather most of the audience rather than PC’s.

A better use if hashtags have  provided  activity around the topic and, of course, it has been beneficial for its spreadability. Meanwhile, It hasn’t been able to get any activity in Tumblr, where I don’t have any follower.


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