Spreadable Media Campaign (Pt. I)

What’s up, amigos? A couple of weeks ago I talked about  how do we share content on-line from the perspective of Psychology and the virality/spreadability of a publication in relation with the emotions. In the conclusion, I suggested that we may change our attitude by changing our speech in social networks for a more positive one. I will make a little contribution for the study of spreadability in social media with a few memes.

…But Let me talk to you about experiences I’ve had in previous projects:

I think that the best example I can offer is when I released my degree’s final project, a short film called Portrait (Retrato, 2014) (Check it here). In this project, I took charge of writing the plot and managing the production and the post-production.

On May the 27th, We published a final draft with the intention of re-editing for a contest of professional later on, redesigning the audio sketch and solving some mistakes on the montage. Despite finally It wasn’t re-edited, It has a really nice response: It got the second position in the class rankings between another 14 short films, mostly comedies; competing with a serious drama is not easy, but the Photography and the Art direction were outstanding (By Carmen Romero Olmedo), counting that there was not budget and our equipment was three garden lamps and a homemade dolly.

267 visits in the first week is a nice number as we only uploaded it to Youtube, without sharing it in  other networks (having in mind the re-edition). The making of had a nice response too; 5 minutes of 5:45, in average, of the Making Of were watched, compared to the 6:23 minutes of 11 of the short film. The short film got to develop a dialogue around the techniques between the students.

Meanwhile, I was playing in a Band, N8, which contribute to the soundtrack with Cara o Cruz, the central song of the film. That was the first single of the band and got a thousand plays in one month (What a pity that two weeks after, I left the band to move to Manchester).

…But this is just air! Let’s compile a few important facts that I think that would have contributed to a good response in the social media:

  1. There were a lot of people involved in our project, and that helps to promote it.
  2. In context, an academic project in a competition, I think we offered something new to fight against around other 30 short films:
    – The visual results were excellent without any budget or further professional equipment than Canon D6 camera.
    – We used cinematographic techniques that are difficult to use without equipment, like travellings or Day for Night (here I explain how it was made: How to do a “Day for Night”?)
    – It was the only drama of the competition.
  3. Making a dialogue around our short film and contributing to other projects was really beneficial.
  4. We linked to new projects, the band and the short film, and that created a feedback between them.

We used the same strategies for other projects; we d closed the youtube account after the course was over. However, I uploaded the videos again for you:

  • Designing a Coca-Cola Advertising: 1356 views. Being retweeted by the Comunity Manager of Coca-Cola España helped to promote the video (Check it here: “Creciendo Contigo”)
  •  A version of the video clip “You make me feel like dancing” by Leo Sayer. 398 views. This case is quite similar to the short film one (Check it here: “You make me feel like dancing”)


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