Spreadable Media Campaign (Pt. II)


The first of three artefacts is a parody about Adele‘s video, “Hello“. Adele has been an unquestionable trending topic in the last few weeks because of her new album, 25.


Well, seven days before the album was released, on November the 13th, I published the video #7Days, referring to the popularity of the hashtag, making a joke of the well-known “7 Days” of the film The Ring. The idea was taking advantage of that trend to make the video go spreadable. As we can see, the video is made to be exploited during that day, so If I expect an increasing index of views is just because Adele is still a powerful trend. Here it is:


Adele’s trend is in now on the highest peak of popularity in her whole career; the singer has broken all known records like selling 2,3 millions of copies in three days in the USA. The single “Hello” was released one month before the album and It is on 713,415,278 of Youtube views to date.


My Youtube statistics shows the views are increasing slowly and I could forecast that It will be still doing it until 25 album’s promotional campaign is totally over.

Adelessyoutube 2

On this last picture, we can see that views are focused on the UK, and secondly in Spain. This might be because of the fact my followers are mainly from these nationalities. However, the rest of the countries which appear in that list coincide with the Google Trends geographical stadistics:


Nevertheless, We can see that 46% of the traffic are Youtube searches, so that means that having a good hashtag selection has been more effective than  sharing my video in Social Networks.


The campaign is focused on Youtube as every view in the rest of social networks will have to pass trough Youtube account. It was posted on Facebook, Twitter and trying for first time Reddit.



The video has got 70 views, but let’s check how was the audience response in the rest of social networks:

  • Facebook: 5 Times shared on FacebookFace.JPG
  • Twitter: 196 views, 7 interactions, 12,2 interaction rate (interaction/view)AdeleAS3Twitter AS2TwitterAS
  • Reddit: No interactions



The result was not as good as expected; Adele had three trending topics one week before releasing the album. However, my video didn’t get to join the wave to get more views. Based on my opinion, these could be some causes:

  • Too many parodies
  • Adele is interesting for everyone but my friends
  • Low quantity of followers on Twitter
  • It’s not funny enough
  • It made sense only that day, 7 days before 25.

…but who knows what could happen tomorrow! 🙂


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