Spreadable Media Campaign (Pt. III)


The second artefact is the a version of the Meme “First World Problem“. Whoever had faced Pro Tools for the first time have had this sensation…



Opposite to the other artefacts, this meme is “atemporal”, I mean it is independent of any trend or an a specific internet event.  You can check the history of this meme in this video:


Pro Tools’ trend curve has not big changes; in other words, due to its stability, we can forecast and stable audience response rather than being something momentary like the other topics.


My target is people who already work with Pro Tools and had experienced that moment when the software suddenly crash. This means that the profile of the audience is professional in audio or amateur musicians.


The meme was published on November the 16th on Twitter under the hashtag #Pro Tools. Due to the low activity, I decided to repost it doing a better use of the hashtags and, in addition, screening the response in my new accounts in Tumblr, Pinterest and Instagram.

By the day of releasing the meme, this was the status on these environments:

  • Twitter: 94 Followers
  • Facebook: 242 Friends
  • Pinterest: 2 Followers
  • Instagram: 62 Followers
  • Tumblr: 0 Followers


The first trial to spread my meme was awful, with absolutely no activity in the Social Networks. However, the second trial has been better:

  • Twitter: The first of the statistics shows the results of the meme on its own while the second one shows the results as part of this blog. 137 view, 7 interactions and 10,5% interaction rate (Interaction/Views)pro toos2Pro toos1
  • Instagram: 44 Likes, 3 Comments
  • Insta 2
  • Facebook: 4 likesFacebook
  • Tumblr
  • vbhvcbvcbvcbvc


After the flow of the first trial, a second one has got better results. The best environment has been Instagram, which is quite surprising as I have already opened my account. I’m quite surprised it got 44 likes as Pro Tools topic generates more written information than pictures.

However, the response has been lower than expected in Twitter, where people usually go to complain about Pro Tools’ crashing moment. There is not surprise in Tumblr’s result, as I don’t have any follower. I have to mention that most of my followers in the social media are not related to this software, so they can’t understand the joke.


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