Being in the lime light (III): Offline presence

Hola amigos, In this third part I am going to talk about collaborative projects and offline networking. I would like to start naming the Six grades law, originally formulated by Frigyes Karinthy on his book Chains and studied from different fields like sociology or maths. This theory comes to say that everyone is connected in six steps away. This means that this post is liable to be read by Queen Elisabeth by “a friend who knows a friend” six links chain.

The online presence is not just a beautiful cover of you to be exposed. In previous posts, I talked about the importance of creating a dialogue with the audience in order to spread your online activity. In this one, I would like to step further by participating in networks.

Our audiences are an important resource to get notoriety, but when we are talking about a professional profile some parameters change: Your friends can love you and make it known in Facebook, but your best guarantee as a professional is the people which you have worked with, people who know you capacities, attitudes, and limitations.

Some months ago, I discovered Meep-Up which is a social net which connects people with similar interests in your city. In terms of networking, by using tools like this, we can improve the quantity and quality of our contacts. However, I took it like a real opportunity to mix fun and work by doing things that I am interested in and learning, practicing and showing my skills with like-minded people. As I said in previous chapters, we can have a thousand titles and It won’t tell what we know to do, so this could be a practical way to show our professional profile.

Only in Manchester, where I live now,  there are more than 300 groups of interest as varied as boxing, crochet, skydiving, books, posh bars, etc.  To be honest, I discovered this app when I first moved  to make some friends but I never used it with professional targets until last month. Since then, I have participated in meetings about blogging, music production and film-making, with a very positive experiences in all of them.

As I did in the rest of the networks, I will increase my activity in these networks and will see if my participation has benefited my on-line presence. Anyway, I strongly recommended research in some of these networks because they are an interesting tool with lots of possibilities relating to professional skills.


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