Being in the limelight (II): Twitter & LinkedIn

Hola amigos! For this second part, I would like to get down to Personal Branding‘s business in those social networks I am already a member: Twitter and LinkedIn.

I tweet since 2011, with highs and lows on my activity I’ve got an audience of 94 followers (and really proud of it!). To be honest, I stopped using it two years ago, so I don’t even remember what rubbish have I tweeted about but it is time to reset  my activity to do a proper use of Twitter, aiming to create an exchange network of knowledge and interests. Let’s have a look at my starting point:

It’s important what you say and how you do it. In the previous post, I talCaptureked about creating a dialogue with the audience. After resetting my account, I don’t have any Tweet so for this first stage, I will try to open conversations. They are not only your ears but also your mouth. Analyzing my followers I found really interesting facts: Mostly are people I know or I worked with, but a percentage of them are people who I know in Twitter by exchanging ideas.

Followers are not only your ears but also your own mouth. Tell me who you walk with and I will tell you who you are. A professional use of Twitter requires an exchange with a specific audience, related to your field of interest. In my case, I follow and I’m followed by mostly friends and people who I worked with in different projects. In a minimal percentage, I’m followed by people which I contacted with on Twitter. Relating to the people I follow, once again, friends, but some others who I enjoy reading to.  It is also important to have a nice cover and Twitter is quite limited for our options.

In LinkedIn is not much better…And it is the first result in Google. I have been a non-practicing user of Linked-In for two years and, despite LinkedIn values my profile as eminence I’d frankly define it as absolutely irrelevant: There isn’t a network among my contacts, no activity at all, and the content doesn’t define me as a professional.

For this first stage, I’m following simple guidelines and wait to see what happens. The strategy will be based on:

  • Unifying my participation in the different channels and interconnect them.
  • Creating dialogue and increasing my follows and contacts in quantity and quality.
  • Using #hastags to foster conversation around the topic.
  • Improving my profiles in order to adjust the content to what I want to say in each channel.

This case study was created for Research in Emerging Technologies module as part of MSc in VAST, so I will increase my participation in these social networks for a few weeks and screen the results. Let’s see.


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