Being in the limelight (I): Introduction to Personal Branding

Hola amigos! Two weeks ago, Marianne Patera, lecturer in Future Media in Salford University, invited us to google our name in order to testify our presence on the Internet. Well, the result was not as bad as expected: Although It is true that my on-line presence is poor, my Facebook and LinkedIn profiles appears in the first two positions by typing “Ángel Callejón Oviaño“, adding to a restaurant and a film shattering reviews (too cheeky and too accessible).

Tom Peters defined Personal Branding in “The Brand Called You”, article for The Fast Company Magazine, as the self-positioning marketing strategies in a context where we can get to find information of anyone by typing his name on a searcher. Life is communication, and communication is marketing so I am going to try to create an audience based on my personal interest by some strategies that I will be polishing on the fly.

I can’t think about a better source of information about these strategies than the proper environment I’m going to move into, the Internet. By consulting the first five best results of “Personal Branding Strategies” according to Google. The reason I choose to do this is whether or not these blogs are academic or even reliable it is just because they got to get an on-line presence.

We find that these recommendations agree with the idea of creating a varied and unitary presence in the different social tools as a way to manage your on-line reputation, adding to a clear self-introduction declaring your intentions. But this strategy is not effective without an audience, and this audience comes by the interaction. Creating a dialog between you and your audience by creating networks to collaborate is essential as an active life on them. So this first step has been defined by the creation of my About Page on this blog and other strategies for the different social tools I will be defining in other posts. All this in a practical way, as a  kind of experiment.

Since I moved to the UK one year ago today (woohoo!), I find two interesting facts: The first is that people are not familiarized with second surnames; and the second is that People don’t know how to say or write my name. So first of all, I’ve created an easy way to find me by choosing Anklesound as a name; I chose it cause it’s the funniest way I’ve been called, easy to remember and to be written. Nevertheless, I am lucky to have, at least, two potential audiences in the country I born and the one I live in, so I will try to keep my whole name next to my chosen alias.

By now, I’ve got an account in Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and, of course, WordPress, so I will start from here to build an on-line presence.

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