Pssstt, hey you!

“You can never cross the ocean until you have the courage to lose sight of the shore” (Christopher Columbus).

Hi! My name is Ángel Callejón, born in Madrid 24 years ago. I would like to introduce this blog as a logbook of the construction of my professional identity by expressing my ideas and interest as well as being a launch pad for other new stuff I am finding.

Reading about personal branding a few months ago, I found an article about what they called Active Vitae. The article came to say that certifications are no longer relevant. Your actions are what certify your knowledge. As a case in point, I got my degree in Audiovisual Communication in 2014, adding to my three hundred classmates. Definitely, It’s not about certificates, it’s about the know-how.

Especially in Media, the market is quite competitive, requiring more and more specific profiles. In an age where getting information about anyone is as easy as typing his name in a searcher, having an on-line identity is extremely important.

But Who am I? I am a student of  MSc Audio, Video and Social Technologies in Salford University. When I was a kid, I used to play with MIDI composers and synthesisers, helped by my sister’s guitar, which I didn’t even know how to tune. That is when I discovered my passion about sound…and my passion about pressing buttons without knowing what’s going on.


My parents wanted me to be a lawyer or an architect, but I think that communication is one of the main human skills. I believe that an idea expressed in the right way can change the world. And Sound is the paradigm of construction of a cultural identity. Summarising, I wanted to work in a creative environment and be part of its processes, so I started my degree.

To be honest, sound production was the reason I chose my degree but…I learn about everything but sound. Nevertheless, I got an extended knowledge about audiovisual speech in TV, Radio and Cinema which opened my mind to the cultural context we are in and how we got to here. The reason I chose studying this master degree is that I want to reconcile one of my passions with my professional expectations. And this blog will compile my experiences during those experiences which, hopefully, will illustrate that process.


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